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Главная » Holy Spirit Science for Golden Age Epoch on Planet Earth
  There are a lot of different standards in our life. Shapes 90/60/90/180 are standards of women’s beauty. Lake Ritsa is a standard of clean water. Carpathian Mountains are a standard of fresh air. All these standards and many others are the samples only in relation to something. It depends on what to compare with.  Thus the standard of happy life is a mutual understanding between relatives. 
  Full of Love relationships are beautiful. And what is the standard of Beautiful Life? What is there to compare it with? The standard that is the sample is a man, who is able to reestablish the lost connections with Heavenly Father by his deeds and not to break them anymore, by becoming a Co-Creator of Great God’s Plan on Planet Earth.
  It is long known that our thoughts, words and deeds have the coloring and when we change the direction of our thoughts we chan ... Читать дальше »
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